"Fundamental Interactions - be" and this website "F-I.be" are a common effort of Belgian research groups involved in the various aspects of fundamental interactions.

The main goal of the participants is to further research in this frontier field.

An important means to reach these objectives at the highest scientific level is to engage in collaboration between the remarkably wide-reaching and complementary groups active in the country.

This collaboration also takes effect in important tasks, either inherent to research activities, like conferences, common courses,  high level training, or complementary to them, as a service to society, like outreach aimed at the schools and at the general public.

It also offers a common window for the recruitment (which involves PhD students, Postdocs, and Faculty positions).

Support and funding for this research exists at national and regional level, the source are listed below.

This collaboration effort has been recognized by the federal authorities, and we have successfully applied to the “Inter-University Attraction Pôle” program. (see groups for details of their participation in IAP V/27 ,  IAP VI/11 and IAP VII/37)

These participations have also brought the active collaboration to our exchange programs of International Partners, chosen for their exceptional scientific level in the field, their close interaction and complementarity to our activities.

The activities of F-I.be are opened to all in the field, while the IAP network is governed by  the IAP Board.



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Belgian Science Policy Office
Inter University
Attraction Pole VI/11

"Fundamental Interactions"