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2014 Robert Brout Prize

Not only did Robert Brout bring essential contributions to fundamental physics (including the Brout-Englert-Higgs boson and mechanism, which opened the way to the unification of fundamental interactions, and the idea of cosmological inflation) but he also initiated advanced postgraduate courses shared between the physics departments of Belgian universities,already a precursor of the current Inter-Univertisity Attraction pole "Fundamental Interactions". In his honour, the Inter-University Robert Brout Prize is attributed to an outstanding master thesis in the domain of Fundamental interactions. The Inter-University Robert Brout Prize is not necessarily awarded every year.

The 2014 Inter-University Robert Brout Prize was awarded to the Master's theses Venturing into the String Landscape (written by Oliver Janssen) and Cosmic ray shock acceleration in galactic and extragalacic sources (written by Matthias Vereecken).